You have entered the THFTR Secret Underground.

What is it and why is it here?
Well, it's kind of like the X-Files, but with no ghosts, aliens, monsters, investigations, FBI involvement, Mulder, or any of the stuff that happens on The X-Files. And we don't have a TV show. So, never mind… It is nothing at all like the X-Files.

Why do some songs end up in The Secret Underground?
Two reasons. 1: Sometimes we start writing songs and they turn out to be topical, politically incorrect discussions. 2: Sometimes we have topical, politically incorrect discussions, and they turn out to be songs.

Is THFTR afraid of offending people?
More often we're afraid of not offending people. Someone has to point out what's wrong in the world. And make fun of it. Might as well be us. If we offend you… we're not sorry.

Why is it Secret?
Some people aren't open minded enough to listen to the semi-political rantings of a couple of guys having fun. We don't want those people to be turned off from our music completely, and give them the option of having our regular studio work. As much as we don't mind offending people, we also think it's unfair for people to be forced to do anything they don't want to, like be offended. While we don't find our stuff all that offensive, let's face it, some people are wussies, and if we can get them to send us money for our regular stuff, then they're OK by us.

Why is it Underground?
Why do you care? Jeez, it's a freakin website for a band, give us a break.

Some of the stuff here is weird - like the hub page is kind of unreadable, and what's with the gallery?
Listen, if we were going to follow rules and expectations, we would just be another band with outstanding musicianship, unique rhythm and erudite lyrics. We'd rather bend the rules and make our own every now and then. Why have a regular website? Who says the links page has to be last? Huh? Who?

Is THFTR Conservative, Liberal or…
None of the above. Everyone is an equal opportunity target to us. We're not taking sides. We're more like spectators and hecklers rather than players in the game of life. (Shakespeare ain't got nuthin on us, baby)

What does THFTR expect to accomplish here?
While it would be nice to say we would like to change the world and make it a place where a man feels free to take a stand and responsibility for his actions and not fear retribution or the pressure of society and government, let's face it - we're a couple of guys with some talent and technology, and we'd really like to just get freakin' rich, abandon our fanbase and move to a nicer climate to do what we damn well please. That's right, like any of the big bands, we're hoping to sell out, but we want to take the shortcut, and avoid all the hassle of being a big name band. So far, we have succeeded.

Why doesn't the eye on the hub page move like the one on the main page?
Because you EXPECT it to and we are not going to bow down to your expectations, no way. However, if you send us $250, we will change it for you.

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