Hello To You

I don't have a lot to say
And I don't want to turn your head away
I just want to tell you that I'm okay
And say hello to you

We know that life's a mystery
The same for you as it is for me
And I just want to know that I can feel free
To say hello to you

I don't want to feed you the old cliches
Just shoot the breeze - "well how are you?"
And "I'm glad, me too."

I don't want to force your hand
And I don't need a big brass hand
I just gotta know when we meet again
That I can say hello to you

A cup of coffee in a cafe called Neutral Ground
A little dinner and maybe we can turn this thing around
And what's lost will be found

We've had troubles in times gone by
But now's the time to make another try
You may not know, but I'm a different guy
Saying hello to you


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