Bring Me His Head

Bring the head of Bob Dylan (yeah)
I heard what he said - but don't kill him, no
Always trying to catch me listening (like a rolling stone)
Always trying to change my point of view
Bring Me His Head!

Bring me the head of that Bono guy
I want him here to apologize
Always trying to make me use my head (Sunday, bloody Sunday)
Once he even made me cry -
Bring Me His Head!

And on the radio we hear plastic artificial cheers
I guess we finally did away with conscience -
I thought that guys like Springsteen disappeared...

Bring me the head - whoever wrote that song
I don't give a damn where the flowers have all gone
It never made much sense to me anyway
The anthem of a lost forgotten day
Bring Me His Head!

Bring me the head of anyone who cares
Search all you want, but nobody's there
They finally filled the air with mediocrity (livin' la vida loca...)
And if anyone should try to make a change -
Bring Me His Head!

I don't want to have to think, I just wanna dance...


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