If I was a cyclops, what if I needed glasses?
Would they just use one big lens?
Maybe they could use a telescope lens...

And if I had a telescope lens I'd look into your bedroom
While Im, up here sitting on the moon, and...Hey!
What am I doing on the moon?
When I woke up I could have sworn that I was home

So I'm sitting up here on the moon and I'm getting kind of thirsty
But they got no water on the moon
So I can't even make some Tang

And if I had a glass of Tang I'd be on television
Cause I'd probably be an astronaut and I'd say Hey!
Look at me up on the moon!
When I am done I'll get into my rocket and go home

So when I came back down to earth they threw me this big party
But everything looks different now
And why are so many people here?

I start a conversation, so why are there, like, a hundred of you?
And now you're screaming, what did I do?
And I say Hey! Look at me up on the wall!
And what's that buzz? If you don't like it, I'll just fly on home...

Now that I'm a fly on the wall I'll hanfg out in your bedroom
And see the things you're doing
(Oh come on now, who wouldn't?)

Like if you had x-ray vision - come on now, admit it -
You'd use it to see me naked and I'd say Hey!
What are you doing with those eyes?
Little Miss Two-Eyes, take your x-ray vision and go home!

So if I was a cyclops, and if I had x-ray vision
What if I needed glasses?
I'd probably see right through the lens!

Then I'd have this big old round eye, this big ol' useless blind eye
What a goddamn waste of an eye and I'd say Hey!
Might as well be on the moon
When I wake up I can just pretend that I am home

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